Choose the product you need!

The range of products that GEMMA Systems offers is a result of our desire to offer a suitable product to every specific manufacturing company. The products that we offer vary in size and applicability. Their functions and features can however cover most of the demands that manufacturing and business companies may have.Factory

Whatever your size, manufacturing specialization or problems that you have to cope with are, be sure that GEMMA Systems has a right solution for you. So, feel free and contact us.

GEMMA Systems offers an established range of products because in our opinion only experienced specialists and systems proved by practice and time may bring a real benefit to our customers.

Systems divided according to your needs

Systems divided according to company sizes

  • If you are (about to be) a bigger-size company or you operate in a number of localities/countries you should think of the following systems:
    Infor ERP LN
  • If you are rather a middle-size or a small company we can offer you the following:
    Infor ERP Visual