IT and Tech Support Services

GEMMA Systems offers its customers a wide range of IT and technical support services for complete hardware and software to supplied IT system solutions throughout lifecycles of those systems. The objective is to supply complex service and maintenance from the delivery of the hardware and software at the implementation phase through the live operation support to subsequent deciding about future innovations.

An experienced team of certified system specialists provides all the services.

Offered services

  • Designing an optimum IT infrastructure solution, consultancy and support at a pre-contract phase of the IT solution supply
  • Operating system (OS) administration (MS Windows Server, Unix, Linux)
  • Database administration (Informix, Oracle, MS SQL)
  • Administration of supplied ERP, CRM and APS systems
  • Installation of patches and add-on software components
  • Access and authorization management, change audits
  • IT system security
  • Monitoring of hardware and software system parts, prediction of error states
  • System performance optimization and tuning
  • Data backup and data recovery
  • Disaster Recovery Plan setup and testing
  • Allocation and maintenance of system facilities for alternative processing, ensuring high-level system availability
  • Platform migration
  • Server virtualization
  • Network infrastructure support, building up secured VPN communication channels to connect distributed customer’s sites
  • Optimization of printing services
  • Installation of monitoring tools on customer’s side, automated remote reporting to GEMMA Systems’ technical support centre
  • Training and consultancy
  • Advisory services

Forms and methods of providing services

  • Technical support services can be provided on any contractual basis ranging from standard orders placed for particular events via the Help Desk to a permanent open contract based on which a customer receives regular and continuously available support according to a pre-defined range of services to be provided or outsourced.
  • Due to the advance in communication media, a major part of services is provided remotely via secured VPN connection. Specific services for which remote connection cannot be used are still provided on the spot at customer’s premises.
  • GEMMA Systems prefers a customer support approach where a specialist who participates in the initial implementation and supply of the IT solution then solves possible problems that may occur in the future because he/she knows the customer’s system environment and is in permanent contact with the customer. An internal record is made of every action performed to the system, and work progress is permanently monitored. This approach has a direct impact on the quality and flexibility of provided services. 

Advantages and benefits

  • Stable and reliable hardware and system environment for IT solutions running
  • Customized range of services tailored to customer’s specific needs and requirements, considering customer’s staff and level of knowledge of IT technologies
  • Continuously performed services, timely availability, and substitutability
  • Highly qualified and professional level of supplied services guaranteed
  • Priority-based escalation of system errors
  • Response times secured by contract
  • Czech Republic and Slovak Republic coverage