Infor PM

Infor Performance Management is a solution designed for all companies that want better, real-time performance management, tracking and measuring, and make use of the competitive power.

Infor PM allows efficient utilization of data distributed in various data sources and consequent better understanding of the company environment, simplifies and improves financial processes and provides alternatives to support company’s efforts to succeed and stand keen competition.

   In the present rapidly changing world, to have the right information at the right time in the right place is more important then ever before.

   Infor PM is the latest representative of advanced performance management systems from Infor Global Solutions. Infor PM helps companies improve their data management procedures including presentation, analysis and early identification of risks and chances, which is a real necessity if a company wants to succeed in the accomplishment of objectives in the present highly globalized world. Infor PM is a solution that suits companies of all sizes no matter to which business sector a company belongs.


Infor PM supports

 Strategic Management - integrates strategic plans with operative plans, performance metrics and employees. Strategic Management allows users to determine whether a strategic plan has been accomplished or successful, and why some activities have been successful while others not.

 Planning – provides the ability to model and compare various „what-if“ scenarios, supports verification of hypotheses, evaluation of influences of events, and helps companies model their business operations to meet their performance plans and challenges.

 Budgeting – provides the ability to prepare unlimited numbers of zero-base, history-base or moving-base budgets and plans. Budgeting is a single-database based MS Excel integrated solution.

 Forecasting - provides users with the ability to prepare statistically precise forecasts that help them manage expected performance values and make tactical adjustments to meet target performance values.

 Financial consolidation - allows data consolidation according to local and international standards and viewing the data from different perspectives and structured versions.

 Financial reporting - automates creating, formatting and distribution of financial reports and management reports. Users can create dashboards, scorecards, tables, charts and diagrams and receive alerts about deviations from expected states.


Infor PM Benefits

   Infor PM improves and speeds up processes of data gathering, detailed analysis and presentation to management and statutory authorities. Infor PM helps to speed up processes related with financial year closing, preparation of correct fiscal and financial reports and checking key performance indicators essential for successful company management.