TATRA has decided to support its growth with an innovative information system


TATRA TRUCKS, a.s., part of the TATRA brand, has decided to innovate its business information system to support its rapid economic development. The supplier of the solution, which is based on Infor ERP LN 6, is GEMMA Systems, a company with which TATRA has been cooperating since 1998.

Because of a significant increase in the production and application of modern management methods, business processes require the drastic strengthening of its information system, mainly in the areas of production planning and management, online warehouse management, and employee production. The new corporate information system, Infor ERP LN 6, is based on the proven and reliable ERP Baan IV, which TATRA has used for a number of years. The new solution, however, significantly improves the user experience and makes the transfer of information relevant to business management faster and more accurate. Changing the information system is not only the largest investment in IT by TATRA TRUCKS in recent years, but it is also a decisive step towards a modern and efficiently managed company.

The new corporate information system will be put into full operation on January 1, 2017.

TATRA TRUCKS, a.s. is a traditional and globally renowned manufacturer of commercial vehicles. The TATRA brand is a symbol that represents one of history's longest continuous periods of production of trucks in the world.

GEMMA Systems, which has installed the foundations of more than 80 ERP systems, has nearly 5,000 supported licenses and is the leading supplier for ERP implementers of IS for manufacturing companies in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. GEMMA Systems has operated in the Czech and Slovak Republics since 1994.

Infor is the third largest provider of business software, with revenues of approximately $ 2.1 billion, and it is the 10th largest software company in the world. Infor delivers fully integrated enterprise solutions for a wide range of industries. With its 8,100 employees working in 100 countries, Infor provides enterprise solutions to more than 70,000 customers.