KOVO Koukola use Infor VISUAL IS

GEMMA Systems implemented the Infor VISUAL information system for the KOVO Koukola Co., Žďár nad Sázavou, last year.

   KOVO Koukola specializes in metalworking in small, medium and big series, and the company is a producer of tools as well. Metalworking is performed based on documents supplied from customers, and both supplied and own materials and semi-finished products are processed. Renowned carmakers mainly are target customers for the metalworking products. KOVO Koukola produces tools for metalworking centers, too.

Implementation of the Infor VISUAL has been performed based on the “Information System for Complex Management in KOVO Koukola s.r.o., Part II – ERP Inclusive Implementation” project, and co-financed with European funds within the OPPI scheme (Operational Program Enterprise and Innovation).

We started the implementation in June 2012, and the implementation lasted less than 4 months. The implementation could be so fast and successful mainly thanks to the proactive approach of the KOVO Koukola management and key users.

The company uses the complex Infor VISUAL that covers all fundamental areas important for the company such as request-for-quotation registration, quotation management, order management, invoicing, and registers of sales and production related documents. Drawings are directly registered to relevant orders.  The production control module and the material planning module ensure smooth material supplies for production and replenishment of work-in-process buffers for metalworking centers. For hours accounting purposes, the work centers are equipped with touch terminals that the employees use with the readers for real-time reporting of the work completed. In result of this, an immediate view of the current work-in-process state is always available, as well as precise records of finished products and immediate view of the materials consumed.

All inventory transactions are posted automatically in actual prices, and real-time order evaluation is carried out. When calculating order costs, the company uses individual calculations that take into account, among other things, labor-intensity of particular material processing. To simplify processing and circulation of received invoices, a document administration system that registers invoices in electronic form directly in the information system is used.