Hitachi Chemical Europe puts new information system into full operation


In early July, Hitachi Chemical Europe GmbH put a new information system based on Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 into full operation. The contract was won in an international competition earlier this year.

Hitachi Chemical Europe GmbH, headquartered in Duesseldorf, Germany, is the European representative of Japan's Hitachi Chemical Company. It focuses primarily on the marketing and sales of products manufactured by other members of the Hitachi Chemical group, such as semiconductor materials, materials for touch screens and panels, materials for solar cells, food foil packaging, carbon products and ceramics, molded products and sheet goods, car batteries, products for powder metallurgy, automobile parts, industrial lead-acid batteries, industrial lithium-ion batteries, capacitors,   power trains, etc.

A GEMMA Systems consulting team customized the implementation based on the client’s project. The goal – in addition to introducing a new, innovative platform – was to unify the information systems within the Hitachi Chemical group. Implementation followed a similar successful project in the United States, with some adjustments.

In addition to standard procedures using the methodology of Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step and modified for the needs and environment of Hitachi, it also implemented the Microsoft Azure cloud environment, which served well until the establishment of a production server in Japan.

The implemented system includes a comprehensive solution for purchase through storage, sales and finance, and includes a number of program adjustments to meet the high demands of the customers of Hitachi Chemical and the internal needs of the group.

After one and a half months of operation, it can be stated that the new system has fully replaced the previous non-united applications and it has facilitated the sharing of important information within the Hitachi Chemical group.