CEMM THOME SK implement a complex enterprise information system, Infor ERP LN6.1

The CEMM THOME SK Company has decided to consolidate their information systems into a single complex integrated solution based on the Infor ERP LN6.1 system.

CEMM THOME SK has been trying to find a complex integrated information system able to cover all their demands placed on the automotive production control and scheduling, operations management, and controlling and reporting operations to comply with the standards of the Group, with strong local support and a comprehensive accounting system compliant with Slovak legal requirements.   

CEMM THOME SK, a member of the Amphenol Group and one of the biggest employers in the Prešov region, is a producer of bunched cables for car signaling and lighting devices.

In the tender, CEMM THOME SK has selected the Infor ERP LN 6.1 software, and GEMMA SYSTEMS, s.r.o. as an overall supplier and solution implementer.

The project was started in July 2013, with the scheduled go-live starting January 1, 2014.