Solutions for Industrial Manufacturing

For the manufacturing industry sector, we have a solution prepared to manage machine and equipment production in series where final products are defined or they result from configuration based on the machine or equipment characteristics in several variants. The solution is supported by functions like automated generation of production and material-purchase requirements dependent on business plans and barcode-based hours accounting, with possible automated material issues for production. Helpful to increase the customer gain rate is the introduction of CRM features for contact administration purposes and for the communication with prospect customers.

Another solution is available for enterprises oriented to on-order producing of parts, machines or machine equipment. The solution includes engineering-to-order and fast quote price calculation features with order delivery date setting based on the current state of order performance. The solution is supported with equipment load planning and planned/actual company performance monitoring tools as well as real-time hours accounting to allow tracing of actual order run times.

Last but not least in the list of prepared solutions for the manufacturing sector is a solution for repetitive or on-order production of tools and machine parts to be used for example also for the maintenance of the company-owned equipment (tools, molds and fixtures) for the main production, supported with service plans, for regular preventive equipment maintenance purposes.