Solutions for High Tech & Electronics

We are ready to offer a solution for enterprises that produce electrical instruments, suppliers of complete systems in the automotive industry sphere for example, etc. In make-to-order environments, account managers can be offered a facility that will allow them, based on specifications set by customers, to configure required final products as early as at the quotation stage level. As soon as a final product is specified, a price quote and a date of delivery can immediately be set.

Other potential clients are enterprises from the repetitive series production sector where consistent and on-time material planning of all input materials and semi-finished products as well as creation of sales schedules inclusive subsequent evaluation of those schedules are points of special importance.

Provided as a part of the offered solution are such features as input material lot tracing, final product serial number tracing, and alternative material registering. An e-commerce module can be used to improve the level of sales support and communication with customers.