Solutions for Automotive Industry

For the automotive industry sector, there is a prepared solution suitable for all automotive subcontractors. Designed to provide EDI-based business process support, as well as to control actual production processes, the solution monitors order costs and planned and actual performance figures of each particular order and of the company as a whole.

The information stored for each customer allows efficient order administration, and combined provides a complete view of both cumulative supplies and particular call-off orders. The users thus have all the information about particular customer requests they need to be able to detect possible problems at an early stage and take appropriate remedy actions.

Introducing of EDI features improves the precision and effectiveness of the communication with customers. Call-off orders that a customer sends to a supplier through the EDI system are processed in the sales-order control module where a responsible person has the orders immediately available to be able to respond to the requirements promptly. This significantly reduces the need of data entry and correction activities. Delivery notes, invoices and credit notes can be sent by the EDI as well. The layout of the documents has to comply with the demands placed on the layouts of documents used in the automotive industry. The system allows document layout adjustment to fit user-specific needs and requirements.

Related to the module are subsequent production control features that allow the users to trace the impact of the constantly changing state in the area of call-off orders and shipping on the actual production. This is supported with such tools as equipment load planning, and planned and actual performance monitoring for particular orders as well as for the company as a whole. A responsible person then can handle possible problems occurred by comparing several schedules to various equipment capacity requirements and labor capacity requirements and directly adjust the production run to improve the company performance results for which he/she can use central scheduling features and the performance control module.